03:00 a.m.

A Game done for Ludum Dare 39 with the theme : Running out of Power.


Sometimes you can click stuff. Try to get rid of annoying thoughts by clicking on them and avoid paper balls and rubbers at school by A/D or LEFT/RIGHT.
You can click DialogBoxes to close them.

Please note, that the message-system is a little buggy :S


03:00 a.m. is a story told through art and mini-games in the scenes. You are a teenager fighting with negative thoughts and shitty situations through his day that drain his power.

This game was an attempt to tell a story about depression and just how persistent it can be and really drain the power of people. But also about people helping eachother, even if they have problems. 
We realized now the idea was more ambitious than we anticipated. Also we had nobody in our small team of three who could dedicate time for the story-telling. But it was a very interesting experiment of trying out something new, and trying to create a game that tries to help people. We learned a lot from this experiment.


Michael Denissov , Benjamin 'Zonalar' Hauri, Daniel 'KinraX88' Schütz

Music/BackgroundSounds: Sergey Cheremisinov, robinhood76, lebcraftlp,iesp


The source was made with Unity 2017.1.0f3 / VS2017CE