Note:You will need to play it in FullScreen Mode or scores and heartbar will be cut off.

Ever wondered what Santa does during summer time? Well, after spring break he collects some panties and bras in a ruined world while driving on a bobby car. Nice job, no? Probably, but someone dropped a lot of cheese and Santa is allergic to that.

Nobody knows something about the sausage nuke yet...or the fighting unicorns (luckily they forgot their blasters...). Only clue would be the otter king and his empire, but well, hes tied up with his otter businesses.


Collect the dessous, avoid cheese and get some flags for extra time and life. All in 3 min.

Controls: Click start, Space for jump. collect stuff, avoid cheese. Have fun :D


This Game was made for the EpicGameJam 2016 - and that was actually not only our first Jam but this is also our first game out in the wilds.

Made withUnity