A Game done for Ludum Dare 38 with the theme : A small world.

Move Left/Right, Build with 'F', Jump with Space (this is just for fun - can you ride a fishy?).

Go to the turtle's head to feed it with your accumulated Pizzas. Don't let it get angry.

Build small markets to collect carrots which out hero automatically converts to pizza...

To build markets you need wood, which you get if the turtle is happy (happy bar filled at least 80%).



    • Fixed Jump-Responsivity
    • Fixed a few minor bugs
    • Changed turtle from 'oh, foody - mkay' mentality over to 'mooaar, bring me moaaar...and faster or the lightning shall strike you maggot'-mentality, thus making the turtle more demanding over time.
    • Foodbuildings might skip some cycles now.
    • Slightly adjusted Wood-Distribution


Alex Martin, Nominolo, Ramon Tuero, Benjamin 'Zonalar' Hauri, Daniel 'KinraX88' Schütz


The source was made with Unity 5.6 / VS2017CE

Install instructions

*The source code may be a mess - it's a little bit better now, but still a mess.


Unity Source Code - original JAM Source 83 MB
Unity Source Code 83 MB

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